CordKeep'r - Control your cord mess with the patented CordKeep'r cord management system (U.S. Patent # 6,425,543.  Additional Patents Pending.)
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Say NO to messy cords!

Looking for a solution to messy and unsafe cords? CordKeep'r® is the answer you've been searching for!

The patented CordKeep'r system helps solve the problem of effective and safe cable, cord and wire management.

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The patented CordKeep'r® cord management system is the answer to all your cord management problems!

  • Stereo and home entertainment system cords
  • Computer, monitor and printer cords
  • Power cords for laptops, camcorders, rechargers
  • Interior extension cords
  • Headphones and cell phone earpiece cords
  • And more...!
They just work!

"I used 5 right out of the package and they are great. I have many more uses planned for them also. They do the job better than anything I have ever used before. I only wished I had thought of them first. :-) Keep up the good work and best of luck with sales, although that shouldn't be a problem with a product as useful as this. Thanks and best regards, Tom V."

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Bonus Pack

Variety Pack

32 pcs. each package all colors with and without tabs in each color.

  • 1 each large
  • 1 each medium
  • 2 each small

Cord Keep'r Mini 12 pcs. each package.

  • Assorted colors.

Total of 44 pieces!

Only $19.95

(plus $6.95 for shipping & handling)

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